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Over half of our patients use Delta plans in our office even though we do not have a direct contract with Delta. We do not sign insurance contracts that would limit the amount of time we can spend with patients or limit our use of high quality labs and materials. Delta’s policy is to mail reimbursement checks directly to the patient 7-10 business days after treatment. This means that we collect from Delta patients at the time of treatment and that patients cash the checks they receive from Delta. We will always file all insurance claims and paperwork for you. Our fees are average for our area and each Delta plan pays a different amount depending on the agreement that your employer made with Delta. For instance we have found that UCSF’s Delta plan reimburses patients $79 for a regular cleaning whereas Google’s Delta plan reimburses patients $111 for a regular cleaning. Most of our Delta patients receive reimbursement of about 70-95% on their cleanings and exams, 50-60% on basic procedures like fillings, and 30-40% on major work like crowns and dentures. To find out more about your specific benefit levels and how they apply to contracted and non-contracted dental offices, please visit the Delta Dental website where you can enter your name and identification information to receive more detailed information about your plan limitations and coverage.


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