I am so going to miss the best dental care in the entire SF area. I have 12 amazing years of good dental care, kind staff and expert advice on all things teeth-related. As I move back East, I hope I can find the same professional and excellent practice. Thank you!


I have been visiting Dr. Lee and Better Living Through Dentistry for years and they take great care of my mouth! Always super-friendly, always learning new treatment techniques and explaining dental care to their patients in ways that make sense and empower me to be in control of my oral health. Can't recommend this practice more highly.


Extraordinary experience. Dr. Lee's exam was more thorough than I could have ever imagined (including everything from reviewing xrays in detail, oral cancer check, examining every tooth in detail, much patience in addressing all questions and concerns in detail). I have never benefitted more nor learned more from an exam.


Dr. Joy has been my dentist since 2012. She is the only person I trust to take care of my teeth. When she moved from her previous office to Better Living Through Dentistry, I followed her. Everyone is caring, kind, friendly and most importantly, gentle. As a patient, I always feel cared for and listened to. I really feel they put the dental health of the patient first.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Natasha’s for 7 years and just recently had to have an emergency visit with a painful cracked tooth. She effortlessly worked me into her busy schedule and got me in and out quickly. On top of that her knowledge and manner with clients is impeccable. Thank you!


From the time I walk in to the time I Ieave everyone is professional, friendly and enjoyable. My gum issues seem to have stabilized, mostly because I do everything they tell me to do. I appreciate all of the little tips like how to hold the toothbrush correctly and the best way to floss. It's still sort of weird to hear good music while I'm getting my teeth cleaned. It feels like I'm cheating or something. Isn't going to the dentist supposed to suck?


Perfect dental experience! I have been to many dentists. Dr. Natasha Lee is amazingly gentle, articulate, informative, and not condescending. I know what's happening with my dental health, I know how to improve it, and I know what to look forward to over time. I truly appreciate this.


Tina, my hygienist, as always, is SO patient, kind and empathetic with me. I am extremely sensitive and she is so careful, using numbing gel on my gums before the cleaning and always checking in with me and telling me to just let her know if I need to take a break.


I used to avoid going to the dentist like the plague and have a bit of a phobia because of horrible past experiences. My first visit to Dr. Joy was precipitated by extreme necessity more than choice, and I was extremely nervous. My experience with Dr. Joy completely changed my outlook on dental practices and it was actually a very pleasant experience. There is not a group of healthcare professionals more passionate about teeth and compassionate about their patients than this team.


They are soooo efficient. It never ever seems rushed, I ask all my questions and get them all answered thoroughly and yet somehow I am done within the hour. So refreshing! The experiences I have actually make me WANT to be flossing :)


This was the first time I saw Dr. Lee. She was unhurried, thorough, totally focused on me, informative and reassuring. She listened to my concerns and took her time to address them specifically and completely. She is clearly highly skilled and personable and fun as well. To have this kind of interaction in a dental office is amazing in itself -- to have this kind of interaction in a practice as busy and popular as Dr. Lee's is nothing short of amazing.


My whole family feels so grateful for having found Dr. Joy! I appreciate her attention to detail, expertise, and superb quality of care. She explains things thoroughly and in an accessible way and helps support patients being actively involved in their oral health. As someone who’s worked in a dental office, I am impressed by how well the office is run and all the professional, skilled, kind staff. Truly an A+ experience all around!


Friendly people who know what they're doing and who educate their patients to take control of their dental health. Comfy too. Highly recommended.


I had a FANTASTIC first visit with Dr. Lee. I have numerous and extensive dental issues and I feel complete confidence and trust in Dr. Lee to address them. She did an incredibly thorough first exam and explained what was going on really well, and also is a terrific listener. I so appreciated the visual aids she used to explain things on the iPad and reviewing things by showing me the Xrays and pictures. I'm 47 and have seen many dentists and had tons of work done, and I think Dr. Lee is the best dentist I've ever been to.


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